Online Therapy – A Good Choice?

As the term “social distancing” has made its way into our daily vocabulary, where do you turn for help with challenges?  Online therapy can be a great choice to connect you with a licensed professional when it is not convenient to go to an office for an appointment.

Online therapy is not appropriate for every situation so we have shared some of the most frequent questions and answers to help you make an informed decision.

Who can benefit from online therapy?

  • Clients who travel frequently for work
  • Military spouses and those temporarily displaced from family members
  • Those with a lack of transportation to an office
  • Clients who may not have childcare available during session times
  • Those with limited access to counseling in their area
  • Those with medical conditions preventing them from coming to our practice
  • Clients that may not feel comfortable coming into the office for a session
  • Those that prefer the convenience of meeting with a counselor through a secure video connection from work or home

What to Expect

From the Genesis website, you can select a link to go to your therapist’s virtual lobby. Next, type your first and last name into the pop-up box that will appear for you to check in. There you can do a test call to test your internet connection and device functions, such as audio and camera. At the start time of your session your therapist will begin the online therapy video call and you will be connected by audio and video to begin the therapy session.

Where do I have to be in order to receive online therapy?

You can see a therapist in any private location. Most state laws require the therapist to be licensed in the state where the client has residency.  Genesis is able to provide online therapy to residents of Virginia and North Carolina.

Is online therapy appropriate for everyone?

Online therapy is not appropriate for every situation.  Below are several examples and you and your therapist will discuss this during your first session to determine whether online therapy is a good fit for your care or whether other services may be most beneficial.

What types of issues are appropriate for online therapy?

  •  Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Family or relationship issues
  • Grief, loss
  • Transition issues
  • Stress from work, home, family, relocation, adjustment and more…
  • Psychological testing initial and report sharing sessions

How frequent are counseling sessions?

Your therapist will discuss the plan that is right for you.  In most cases, weekly sessions are recommended; however, the frequency may be different depending on your specific needs. As you make progress, the frequency may reduce, as appropriate.

How long does each online therapy counseling session last?

Online therapy counseling sessions at Genesis are scheduled for 45 minutes similar to those held in our offices.

How is my confidentiality maintained?

Your online therapy counseling session will be held confidential between you and your counselor.  If you need technological assistance, an administrator may enter the counseling session with your permission and will promptly leave the session once the issue has been resolved. If you choose to invite another person into your session, please introduce them to your counselor and ensure that they are also visible.

Will my information be shared with anyone without my written permission?

No. We will not share information with anyone unless you submit a written waiver that allows your therapist to communicate with a medical professional, school, or place of employment. As with any counseling, there are certain limits to confidentiality, which are listed in our Informed Consent.