Genesis Telehealth

Genesis Telehealth is Convenient & Secure

Genesis Counseling Center offers telehealth services to individuals, couples, and families so that you can connect with your therapist in a convenient and secure manner. We know that life can be busy and sometimes in-person appointments are just not feasible. Genesis Telehealth provides the convenience of receiving care in your own private setting using your computer or electronic device.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the delivery of mental health services provided by way of telecommunications technologies between the therapist and the client.


Accessibility Easy access from anywhere, eliminating office location difficulties – with the internet, we are always “a location near you”.
Convenience No driving – have your appointment in your own home, work place, or even with a busy schedule, on-the-go in your parked vehicle (in any parking lot or driveway with good connectivity).
Time-Saving Save time, beginning to end – no need to get ready to go out, travel to an office, find parking, or travel back home.
Privacy More comfort, security, and peace of mind with complete online privacy and anonymity – no concern for scrutiny by others or interacting with strangers.
Cost Savings Financial and personal benefits savings – no gas or childcare expenses, little-to-no personal-leave, sick-leave, or income losses.

How does telehealth work?

We offer secure, web-based video counseling using software platforms such as and Zoom for Healthcare.  Clients will be able to use their computer or portable device, such as a smartphone or tablet, with webcam, microphone and speakers to connect with their therapist through this secure and confidential system.

Telehealth services can be offered to individuals, couples, and families in their home or in a private location that is deemed to be the most appropriate for sessions.

Who can benefit from telehealth?

  • Clients who travel frequently for work
  • Military spouses and those temporarily displaced from family members
  • Those with a lack of transportation to our practice
  • Clients who may not have childcare available during session times
  • Those with limited access to counseling in their area
  • Those with medical conditions preventing them from coming to our practice
  • Clients that may not feel comfortable coming into the office for a session
  • Those that prefer the convenience of meeting with a counselor through a secure video connection from work or home

What to Expect

Prior to the start time of your online therapy counseling session, simply to go to our website and click “Telehealth Check-in” and then the state you reside in. Then you can quickly search for your therapist and click on “Join Waiting Room” under your therapist’s name. You will join the online platform where you type your first and last name into the pop-up box that will appear for you to check in. While waiting for your therapist to start the session, you can test your audio and camera to make sure they are working properly. At the start time of your session your therapist will begin the telehealth session and you will be connected.

Contact Genesis for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is telehealth appropriate for everyone?

Telehealth provides a safe and convenient way to connect with your therapist and is appropriate for most situations.  You and your therapist will determine whether telehealth is a good fit for your care or whether other services may be most beneficial.

What types of issues are appropriate for telehealth?

Telehealth is effective for many behavioral health needs.  These include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Family or relationship issues
  • Grief, loss
  • Transition issues
  • Stress from work, home, family, relocation, adjustment and more…

Where can I have a telehealth session?

You can see a therapist via telehealth in any private location that is confidential and free of distractions. Most state laws require the therapist to be licensed in the state where the client has residency.

How frequent are telehealth sessions and how long do they last?

Telehealth services are identical to in-person in terms of frequency and length. Your therapist will recommend a frequency for services at the start of your journey which may change over time. One benefit of telehealth is that you don’t need to spend time commuting to and from an office so the overall time required to receive services is less than in-person.

How is my identity verified?

During the initial telehealth session, you will need to show a photo identification (e.g., driver’s license, etc.) to your therapist to verify your identity.

How is my privacy protected?

In accordance to our professional and ethical standards, Genesis maintains clinical documentation for each session in our HIPAA compliant electronic health records system. You may request a copy of your clinical record, as outlined in our Privacy Notice. As with any behavior health service provided, there are certain limits to confidentiality, which are listed in our Informed Consent.

How is my confidentiality maintained?

Your telehealth session will be held confidentially between you and your therapist.  Genesis uses a secure, encrypted telehealth platform for telehealth. If you need technological assistance, an administrator may enter the session with your permission and will promptly leave the session once the issue has been resolved. If you choose to invite another person into your session, please introduce them to your therapist and ensure that they are also visible.

Is my telehealth session recorded?

Absolutely no. We never record telehealth sessions and we also ask that clients do not record these sessions.  This is to help ensure your privacy.

Will my information be shared with anyone without my permission?

Not in most cases. We will not share information with anyone unless you submit a written release of information form that allows your therapist to communicate with a medical professional, school, etc. As with any behavioral health service, there are certain limits to confidentiality, which are listed in our Informed Consent, and there are certain situations where we are required to release information when required by law, etc. as listed in our Notice of Privacy Policy.