Neurofeedback is offered in our Virginia Hampton office

  • Does stress or worry affect your sleep or energy level?
  • Are you looking for an alternative way to treat your child’s or your attention issues?
  • Do you have severe headaches or migraines that medications just do not seem to help?
  • Are you a professional who is looking for a way to improve your performance and productivity?

Neurofeedback is a cutting-edge treatment that uses your brain’s ability to reorganize and regulate itself.   It is a noninvasive technique that uses your brain’s ability to regulate and repair itself.  Neurofeedback essentially “trains” your brain to work in specific ways in different parts by using electrodes, an EEG machine, the latest software, and a TV screen.

Your brain is involved in everything you do and is intimately involved in why you feel certain emotions or feel sleepy, awake, hungry, focused, distracted, and any other feelings you have.  Sometimes the brain can become dysregulated, which can cause our emotions and our ability to concentrate/make good decisions to be compromised.  Sometimes, this dysregulation can be due to genetics, certain life stressors, or our own decisions, like the use of drugs or alcohol.  Neurofeedback can help regain stability in your brain’s functioning so that you can function at your best.  Since your brain is involved in all aspects of your functioning, neurofeedback can be used to alleviate a wide variety of presenting problems and disorders.

Neurofeedback Can Help

  • ADHD symptoms
  • Addiction
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias (maintaining functioning)
  • Anxiety
  • Asperger’s Disorder and Autistic Spectrum disorders
  • Attachment disorders
  • Depression
  • Behavioral difficulties
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic pain
  • Head injuries
  • Learning Disorders
  • PTSD
  • Stress management
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Migraines and frequent headaches
  • Movement Disorders (Tics, Tourette’s)
  • PMS
  • Sleeping difficulties

Neurofeedback Can Be Used to Treat Anxiety Disorders, Research Shows
ACA Publications
Neurofeedback (NFB) interventions can be used to help clients reduce symptoms of anxiety-spectrum disorders, say scholars writing in the Journal of Counseling & Development (JCD). NFB is a counseling intervention that uses noninvasive scalp sensors to provide clients with real-time feedback on changes in their brain’s electrical activity, so they can learn to control it. Pooling data from 26 prior NFB studies, the authors of a new meta-analysis found statistically significant evidence that NFB treatment can reduce symptoms.

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