Individual Counseling

“In this world there will be troubles” (John 16:33b).  It is inevitable that at some point in life, everyone needs someone beyond a friend or family member who can help them find real healing from the invisible wounds of life.  Many have benefitted from the caring support of a trained professional.

Through individual therapy, counselors assist people of all ages in living a more joyous, healthy and productive life.  Therapy is often needed, it is effective, and it can naturally give lasting positive results. It is estimated that over one in four adults, and one in ten children, experience a diagnosable mental health disorder in a given year.  Therapy can immediately help reduce distressing symptoms, but the goal is also to increase understanding of underlying issues.  This dynamic allows for ongoing personal growth, better decision-making, positive change, and improved relationships.

Pursuing individual therapy is a courageous choice for an improved life.

It is a choice for healing, healthy growth and change. Individual therapy will address the presenting issues and new skills will be learned for better coping and thriving in the future.