Genesis Counseling Center Core Values

At the heart of every person and organization are their values, principles and beliefs. Values are usually seen as “Core Values” and define what the firm considers truly important (Rothaermel, 2012). Do you know what is fundamentally important to your life as well as the company you work for? If your company has core values, are they communicated well across the organization?

As Andy Stanley often says, “Vision Leaks.” Visualize a leaky bucket trying to hold water. This is also true for core values … we can post them on the wall but until they come to life on a consistent basis, they can often become cliché and forgotten about. Since values are at the center of a strong organizational culture, it is vital for leaders to persistently share them so that they become part of the fabric of how decisions are made and can be seen in the day-to-day operations (Rothaermel, 2012). A daily question to ask is, “Do we see our core values applied in a practical way?”


At Genesis Counseling Center, we have developed the following set of core values:

  • Excellence – Best-in-class delivery of services
  • Teamwork – Togetherness, unity, how we operate and maintain a competitive advantage
  • Godly Character  – Uncompromising beliefs, actions and moral standards
  • Transcendent – “Big Picture” thinking and acting – “Legacy” work
  • Ownership – Doing what is best for the organization, solution-focused
  • Growth – Learner mindset

Look for  blog posts on these core values in the near future and join us in a journey to take them to a new level both personally and as part of the Genesis team.

Questions to ponder:

  • What are my core values and how do they align with the list above?
  • In what ways do we practically display these Core Values?
  • How do we display our Core Values at Genesis?

Article Written By: Cameron S. Ashworth, M.A.


Rothaermel, F.T. (2013). Strategic management concepts and cases. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

Blog Post By: Sarah Warner, M.S.