True Growth has No Microwave Solution


In comtemplating the concept of growth recently, I was reminded of some thoughts from psychologists Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend (of Boundaries fame).

Three essential ingredients for growth are grace, truth and time.  Just like how the ingredients of water, sun and soil are critical for plants, healthy interpersonal and spiritual growth in our lives cannot happen without the three elements of grace, truth and time.

It is often easy, however, to focus on only one or two of these areas, and then get frustrated when growth doesn’t occur.  For instance, giving grace over and over again without bringing truth into the equation can lead to boundary issues and hurt.  On the other side, someone who is always speaking truth without grace or love can do much relational damage.  If one is only focused on the idea of “time will heal”, he or she will miss out on the practice of applying grace and truth to hurts or challenges in dire need of true recovery.

The Stephen Covey concept of the “law of the farm” is clearly present in our own growth and relationships.  Crops take time to grow and produce fruit.  There is no microwave solution yet we often get down and irritated when things don’t change quickly in our lives and relationships.  True growth is worth the effort of applying grace, truth and time.

May you be blessed by God’s continued work in your growth and healing.

Steven Greer, Executive Coach

Chief Operating Officer, Genesis Counseling Center

Co-founder and Owner, Genesis Assist