Telehealth (Video Counseling)


Genesis Counseling Center is pleased to offer telehealth services to individuals and families.  At Genesis, we are committed to offering services that best meet the needs of our clients.  With telehealth, we are able to meet clients where they are and offer excellent counseling services to those who may have obstacles to coming into our office for care.


Who can benefit from telehealth?

  • Military spouses and those temporarily displaced from family members
  • Those with a lack of transportation to our practice
  • Those with limited access to Christian counseling in their area
  • Those with medical conditions preventing them from coming to our practice
  • Clients that may not feel comfortable coming into the office for a session
  • Clients in different parts of the state or in other locations if their insurance is based out of VA
  • Those that prefer the convenience of meeting with a counselor through a secure video connection from work or home


How does it work?

We offer secure, web-based video counseling using a software platform called ________.  Clients will be able to use their computer or portable device such as a smartphone or tablet with webcam, microphone and speakers to connect with their counselor through this system.


Telehealth services can be offered to individuals, families, or couples in their home or in an agreed upon location that is deemed to be the most appropriate.


Want to learn more?

  • Start today! (page)
  • How much does telehealth cost? (page)
  • Setting up on my computer or device (page)
  • Contact us (page)
  • FAQs (page)

 Important Information

  • Informed Consent: informed consent form, Notice of Privacy Practices, Telehealth Brochure PDF (page)
  • Registration & Scheduling: registration form, scheduling request (page); follow up visits will be offered in the same way as in office scheduling.  Clients may choose to be seen in one of our counseling centers or continue receiving telehealth counseling services
  • IT Setup& Troubleshooting (page)
  • What to expect (page) – Please log into ___ system 10 minutes before your counseling session to ensure that your connection method is working properly.


*Once you have logged in, you will enter our virtual waiting room where your counselor will be with you at your appointment time.

*When you have logged in, your speakers, video, and microphone will be activated and you will be able to test your connection.

*If you encounter connectivity issues during this time, please be prepared to be reached by phone.




*Please remember, your telehealth counseling session will be confidentially held between you and your counselor.  If you need technological assistance, an administrator may enter the counseling session with your permission and will promptly leave the session once the IT related issue has been fixed.   As with an in-office session, your session is private and confidential.  If you choose to invite another person into your session, please introduce them to your counselor and ensure that they are also visible on the computer or device screen.



  • No one may record the counseling session without prior written consent.
  • In accordance to our professional and ethical standards, Genesis will maintain clinical documentation for each session in our HIPAA compliant scheduling system, Valant.
  • You may request a copy of your clinical record as outlined in our Privacy Notice.
  •  As with any counseling, there are certain limits to confidentiality, which are listed in our Informed Consent
  • Payment (page) link to make a payment on website


How much does telehealth cost? (page)


  • Most insurance policies do not cover telehealth services at this time; although, we can verify your insurance benefits to see if telehealth will be covered. For policies that are not covered, we offer a reduced self-pay rate of $75 per session that will need to be paid prior to session(s).
  • We are able to provide billing statements for services if needed for records or reimbursement from insurance payers, disability, workman’s comp, or EAPs.


Setting up telehealth on my computer or device (page)

The following equipment and software is needed:

  • A computer (Mac or Windows), tablet, or mobile device (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.)
  • An attached or integrated web camera
  • A reliable internet connection. Optimal internet speeds are as follows: download speed: 12 Mb/s; Upload speed: 0.5 MBs/s
  • You can test your internet speed here:
  • While WiFi connections will work for telehealth, a direct internet connection via cable modem and Ethernet cable is best for video conferencing.
  • An integrated microphone built into your device or headset or a working phone (home or mobile)
  • Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10; Mac iOS X 10.6 and above, iPad iOS 5.0 or later; Android phone or tablet


Software requirements

Gather from telehealth platform



Gather information from telehealth platform


Contact us (page)

  • Request an appointment

Complete a registration form here (link to form on website) or call 757-827-7707


  • To cancel or change an appointment

Please provide at least 24 hours advance notice to cancel your appointment.  If appointment is not cancelled with at least 24 hours advanced notice, there will be a $65 no show fee.


  • Questions?

Please email or call 757-827-7707 for additional information.