Sam Lee, LPC

Sam Lee is a psychotherapist providing various modalities of treatment for people in times of their needs for seventeen years. His therapeutic approach includes a combination of techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, trauma recovery, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) among others. He is a pathfinder and a trail guide in the maze of life’s situations for individuals, couples and families in the journey of life. He loves helping couples in various situations to rediscover, reconnect and rebuild themselves and with each other. Through his own experience, he understands the broken-hearted seeking a refuge and a way out. He has worked with clients in depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger management, OCD, addictive lifestyles, ADHD, psychosis, codependency, personality disorders, sexual brokenness, career and life transitions, active and retired military personnel and families, grief and loss, and spiritual searching and pursuit of ones meaning of existence. 

 Sam was born in South Korea, came to Virginia in his teen years, became a citizen of the United States and has lived in Virginia ever since. He graduated from Virginia Tech with an Engineering degree and worked as an engineering professional serving many of the major automotive and other companies in the world. He has answered a new calling in his life and got a MA degree in Counseling at Regent University and holds licensure in Virginia as a Licensed Professional Counselor. He worked for eight years at the Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center, serving children, adolescents, and adults with wide-ranging mental and emotional disorders. He has worked ten years in outpatient practices. As a Christian and a clinician, Sam understands the role of spirituality in healing and recovery and is willing to explore how to enlist the power of faith with clients who wish spiritual integration. 

 Sam loves to travel with his beautiful wife, enjoys the world’s cuisines, sushi, and barbecue, loves to read about history and what makes people tick, nature walks, and grows colorful chorus of blooms in his garden. He seeks daily a deepening walk with Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s empowering in all he does. Sam offers the best of both worlds at several levels, of Eastern and Western cultures and worldviews, non-native and fully integrated lifestyles, and of technical and psychological careers. He believes that life is like a journey on a ship in a sea of beauty and peace, rocks and storms, mysteries of the deep, and the winds of all seasons. And Sam has been sailing in the ocean journey called Life and loves to hail, “Ahoy there, come sail with me for a while…!!!” 

Specialties:  Depression, anxiety, grief, marriage/families, military lifestyles/issues, personality disorders, anger management, EMDR, PTSD, OCD & ADHD

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