Perry Blankenship, LPC

Perry Blankenship, LPC has worked in the mental health field since 2008. He holds licensures in Virginia and West Virginia as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Perry Blankenship is also a Certified School Counselor and School Psychologist in West Virginia and Virginia. He is recognized for his work with individuals struggling to recover from trauma, grief and loss issues, PTSD with Veterans, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, addiction, depression, and anxiety disorders. He has worked as an adjunct instructor at Southern Community College in West Virginia in the fields of Development, Sociology, Psychology, and Business, and regularly provides supervision to psychotherapists in training for both West Virginia and Virginia. Perry Blankenship believes that all healing has a spiritual foundation, and he is committed to assisting others in overcoming the barriers and challenges that hinder them from being successful in their dreams and passions. Perry utilizes a collective of treatment strategies that meet each clients needs individual, such as CBT, Narrative Therapy, PCIT, TCIT, TF-CBT, and many others.

Perry Blankenship is one of the 75 experts that helped to develop “Advancing Comprehensive School Mental Health Systems, (A Guide from the Field)”. He is a native of Man, West Virginia and is committed to serving all clients through the Genesis Counseling Center. As the son of a coal miner and female minister, he has served in a variety of positions and offices within the Church. He is the recipient of “The Ann Schumacher Rural Clinical Practice Award 2018” and “The West Virginia School Counselor Advocate Award for 2018.” He is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). Perry has earned a Bachelor’s degree in theology, a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Counseling, a Master degree in Professional Counseling, a Master degree in Business Administration, a Master degree in Divinity, a Master degree in Education, an Education Specialist degree in school psychology, and a Doctorate in Biblical Counseling. Perry has worked in both the clinical and school setting serving clients overcoming mental challenges. Perry believes that God has called him to partner with those in need. Perry is a 100% service connected Veteran of the Persian Gulf (Desert Storm/Shield) War.

Perry and his wife enjoy serving the Fincastle First Church of God as co-pastors in Bluefield, Virginia. They love spending time at Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Bay.  Perry is a trainer for numerous behavioral intervention strategies, and he loves speaking, training, preaching, teaching, and obtaining new knowledge. Perry and his wife have been blessed with 5 grandchildren, with 4 of them being special needs. One grandchild was born deaf, one down syndrome, and two who are Autistic, (They are all so very special and help to drive Perry’s passion about serving others).

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