Jim Loomis, LPC

Jim desires to create a relaxed atmosphere where laughter, acceptance and genuineness allow people to feel safe, authentic, and to share their story wherever they are along their journey.  In doing this, the hope is to foster redemption, freedom and healing in individuals, couples, and communities by helping the person tell their stories with awareness and integrity; finding a voice for what has been left unsaid.   As they journey together, Jim helps the person courageously seek insight into how harm has impacted their lives, marriages, families, and faith; and to discover healing and restoration from shame, fear, and control, while discovering the depth and beauty of a person. 

Jim has been practicing since 2001 at private practices, and several years as a Substance Abuse Treatment Counselor.  He graduated from Regent University with a M.A. in clinical counseling, and majored in Biology, with a concentration in Pre-Med, during his undergraduate work at Frostburg State University.  Jim taught, presented and facilitated many times through the years on various topics.  He served as Clinical Director, as well as Supervisor for numerous Interns and Residents.  Additionally, Jim was on the Steering Committee for the rape trauma recovery retreat, Victim 2 Victim, sponsored by H-E-A-R-T (Hope Exists After Rape Trauma).

Jim enjoys family and friends, hanging out living life together, laughing, not taking self or life too seriously, comedians and comedy shows, French press coffee, good food, cooking, ice cream, pets, gardening & landscaping, fire pits, the Washington Capitals, watching restoration projects, thrift stores, vacuuming, music, hummingbirds, beach vacations, watching movies with grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches, Trader Joe’s tomato soup, hot chocolate and a fire in the fireplace on a cold snowy day…and big hugs!

Specialties:  trauma recovery, abandonment trauma, chemical addictions, sexual addiction, anger, military families, anxiety, depression, grief & loss, marital issues, OCD, PTSD, complex-PTSD, panic disorders, parenting, sexual abuse/assault, stepfamily issues, story work, borderline personality, recovery from spiritual/religious abuse, recovery from narcissistic abuse, and self-harm.

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