Jerry E Park, LPC

Mr. Jerry E. Park is a very diversely experienced professional counselor, committed to serving men, young men, adolescent males, and boys of all backgrounds, through individual, couples, and family counseling. He genuinely enjoys a great relationship with all his clients and has sincere empathy, strong faith, and a good sense of humor. Mr. Park understands his clients well and his approach is skillfully in-depth and keenly on-point. It is one of genuine, supportive empowerment, balanced with the kind of insightful and respectful “straight-talk” all males need, appreciate, and find helpful. He provides accurate assessment and diagnosis, an individually and collaboratively tailored treatment plan with achievable, measured goals, and a partnership to stay hopeful, focused, and motivated to achieve all desired outcomes. Mr. Park is creatively eclectic, primarily using the most commonly accepted and proven methods of counseling, the powerful skills of “Lifeforming Leadership Coaching”, and his own unique blend of God-given spiritual gifts and abilities.

Mr. Park has been a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) since 1993 and affiliated with Genesis Counseling Center since 2010. He obtained his Master’s degree in Counseling from Regent University and his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the State University of New York. He became a certified Lifeforming Leadership Coach and Coach Trainer in 2003 and has trained and coached pastors, leaders, and business people, nationally and internationally. Mr Park has also served as an LPC with Eden Counseling Center and the Norfolk and Virginia Beach Community Services Boards, as well as a Probation Officer, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Special Education Teacher, Group Instructor for Physical and Social Development, and Residential Mental Health Assistant.

Personal Interests – Jerry and his wife, Lisa, enjoy watching movies and TV series together, especially those based on politics, government agencies, war, famous people, true stories, the human struggle and relationships, and historical periods. They also like studying “the creation” together. His most valued interest is reading and studying the Scriptures from the original Hebrew perspective, by which he seeks to live on a daily basis.

Specialties: Men, adolescent males and boys (individual/couples/family counseling), depression, anxiety, PTSD, marital/family issues, sexual issues, infidelity, addictions, stress/life management, professional/occupational issues, social confidence problems, Autism, ADHD/Oppositional-Defiant Disorder, academic/school behavior problems, faith/spiritual issues, and Biblical counseling. Mr. Park is a Military One Source Provider.

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