Online Therapy - Cost

Does insurance pay for online therapy services?


Most insurance policies with mental health coverage are required to cover online therapy counseling services. For policies that do not cover online therapy services, we offer a self-pay rate that is paid at the start of each session. We can provide billing statements for services if needed for records or reimbursement from insurance payers, disability, workman’s comp, or EAPs.


What does online therapy cost if I don’t have or use insurance?


  • First Session: $105
  • Follow-up sessions: $95
  • Prepaid bundle discount package (4 follow-up sessions): $340


Credit Card Information


We require clients to provide a credit card so that we may collect payment at the time of service.  Your credit card information is securely stored in a PCI compliant vault and will not be visible to our staff.  This approach provides convenience for both the client and the therapist to reduce the time required to take payment information at each session.  The client is required to notify the therapist of any changes in credit card information to ensure a valid card is always kept on file when receiving services.


Can I pay my bill online?


Yes, the option to pay online is available on the Online Payment page.


Additional Information