New Testing Clients

Step 1 - Forms
Click for Forms

New Testing Client Forms Instructions


    1. Click on the Forms button above
    2. You have the option to upload a photo of your ID, insurance card, and other info
    3. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and Click Submit to finish
Step 2 - Scheduling

Genesis will Contact You to Schedule an Appointment After You Submit the Forms.

Step 3 - Patient Portal
Click for Portal

Patient Portal Instructions


    1. After Scheduling, check your email for a message to sign-up for the patient portal
    2. Click on the link provided
    3. Create your own password
    4. Answer a few security questions
    5. If requested, validate your account by calling the provided phone number
    6. This should allow you access to your patient portal
    7. Complete requested measures (e.g., Clinical History) before your first appointment
For Online Appointments
Click for Check-in
    1. Just before the start of your appointment, return to the Genesis Website and click “Online Check-in”
    2. Click on your Clinician’s name
    3. When the pop-up box appears type in your first and last name to enter the virtual waiting room
    4. Your session will start when your clinician arrives
Testing & Assessment Information
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Welcoming New Clients & Accepting Most Insurances