The Rest of the Genesis Story

Genesis Counseling Center was founded as a prayerful result of colleagues Barbara Ward, Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Brent Griffin, Licensed Professional Counselor; Shelby DeBause, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; and Dr. Trina Young Greer, Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Rev. Ryan Davidson served as a student and resident clinician. These founding therapists of Genesis Counseling Center wanted to continue serving the community together in practice after their previous employer moved from the area.  Dr. Trina Young Greer, LCP (then Dr. Young) purchased the practice (founded in 1995) and renamed it to Genesis Counseling Center in April 2006 and the Genesis story began.

In January 2010, Genesis Counseling Center merged with Beacon Counseling and Consulting of Williamsburg, Virginia. Beacon Counseling and Consulting which was founded by Dr. Eric Scalise (SVP at Hope for the Heart) is now named Genesis Williamsburg.  Steve Greer came on staff as Chief Operating Officer, in a part-time executive role in 2010 which became full-time in 2021 when he finished his career at Procter & Gamble.  In 2011, Cameron Ashworth, MA, came on-board as the Director of Operations and was promoted to Vice President of Operations for Genesis in 2018.

In July 2022, Genesis launched Genesis Autism Center, a clinic-based provider of compassionate Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy for young children with Autism.  Genesis Autism Center serves children ages 18 months to 8 years old with a clinic in Hampton and plans to expand across Hampton Roads.

In January 2023, Genesis merged with Eden Counseling Center of Norfolk, Virginia. Eden was founded by Dr. Paul VanValin in 1995 and has strong relationships with churches and organizations on the Southside of Hampton Roads. Eden Counseling’s office on the peninsula had become the original Genesis Counseling Center location in 2006. Genesis is excited to join forces with Eden as we believe we are better together in serving the needs of our community.

In March 2023, Genesis relaunched Genesis Psychiatric Medicine to more completely touch and inspire lives through medication management. Genesis Medicine is based in the Hampton office and also serves patients virtually across Virginia.

Genesis Counseling Center has experienced significant growth with licensed therapists located in Virginia, Florida, California, New York, North Carolina, and Georgia. We also have many students, interns, and residents on the team and Genesis is an APPIC member for our doctoral internship program. With our growing team across the US and multiple locations in Hampton Roads, Virginia, our dream is for everyone to have access to excellent Christian behavioral services: Touching and inspiring more lives, more completely, in more parts of the world.

The Genesis Group also includes Genesis Autism Center, Genesis Assist, Genesis Coaching and Consulting, and an outstanding training program for future Christian therapists.