Emily Wheeler

Chesapeake Office Manager

Emily Wheeler has spent many years working closely with families and serving the community through her work in education, childcare, ministry, and youth programs. She values every opportunity in which she can support and empower others to live the healthy and fulfilling lives they aspire to. Through her work in education, she has had significant practice fostering personal growth and learning in individuals. As a group leader in multiple settings, she has facilitated collaboration, strengthened team dynamics, and optimized group and individual efforts through servant leadership.

Emily has a B.S. in Education and a B.A. in English from the State University of New York at Oswego, where she graduated summa cum laude. Her background in education equips her with interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills, which she uses to support team members, families, and the community. It is her passion to do work that serves those around her in practical and meaningful ways.

In her free time, Emily enjoys playing card games/board games with her husband and friends, going for hikes with her dog, being outdoors, reading, intellectual discussions, and caring for children of all ages.

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