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Mark Mortier, Hampton Roads Christian Counselor Mark Mortier, LPC

Mark has been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 1991, with experience in Employee Assistance, Public/Private Agencies, and Military Counseling Programs. He trained in Counseling Psychology to work with adults, adolescents and children. Eager to continue learning, Mark has participated in conferences and continuing education with many of the great counseling pioneers and well-respected leaders in counseling psychotherapy.

Along with family counseling, he has special training in addictions to help individuals and their loved ones recover from alcohol/drug, sexual, Internet, gaming and other addictions. Mark believes recovery work is personalized and wholistic; addressing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health.

To address common issues of depression and anxiety, he helps people use thinking skills and positive behavior change strategies. Mindfulness, meditation, spiritual practices and relaxation skills are also employed.

Mark works with men to improve relationships skills, emotional regulation, anger management and overall coping, often in preparation for couple counseling. His couples work is informed by Family Systems, Love and Respect concepts, Marriage Builders materials and other approaches. He helps improve communication, problem solving, conflict resolution and overall couple satisfaction related to the stages of life and relationship patterns.
Mark has extensive experience collaborating with school systems and other professionals to help children/adolescents with attention, learning and social issues. His approach is based on child and parent skill building and problem solving. He sees many children on the Autism Spectrum, usually toward the high functioning end of the spectrum. He often refers to psychological testing to clarify the primary problems and to inform the counseling process. He is especially interested in the affects of the "Digital Age" on children and emotional, social development. He desires to see parents confidently train and enjoy their children. Step parent and coping with divorce are common topics addressed with todays families, Mark seeks to guide families through the losses and gains of remarriage.

Overall, bring good listening, awareness building, new possibilities/skills, concern for wholeness and spiritual health into the counseling process. I enjoy walking alongside people, especially those courageously seeking solutions and a better path.

Mark, has been married over 30 years (to the same woman), with adult children and three grandchildren. He has served in church leadership, on a Peacemakers mediation team and currently in men's ministry. He enjoys his Christian faith, kayaking, hiking, woodworking, home improvement, music and travel. He has lived in Germany and Alaska, which allowed him to experience many cultures around the world.


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