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Genesis Counseling Center offers online therapy services to individuals and families. At Genesis, we are committed to offering services that best meet the needs of our clients. With online therapy, we can meet clients where they are and offer excellent counseling services to those who may have obstacles to coming into one of our offices for care. Online therapy provides the convenience of counseling in a variety of private settings using your private computer or electronic devices.


Online Therapy


Online therapy is the delivery of mental health services provided by way of telecommunications technologies between the therapist and the client.


How does it work?


We offer secure, web-based video counseling using a software platform called  Clients will be able to use their computer or portable device, such as a smartphone or tablet, with webcam, microphone and speakers to connect with their counselor through this system.


Online therapy services can be offered to individuals, families, or couples in their home or in an agreed upon location that is deemed to be the most appropriate for sessions.


Who can benefit from online therapy?


  • Clients who travel frequently for work
  • Military spouses and those temporarily displaced from family members
  • Those with a lack of transportation to our practice
  • Clients who may not have childcare available during session times
  • Those with limited access to counseling in their area
  • Those with medical conditions preventing them from coming to our practice
  • Clients that may not feel comfortable coming into the office for a session
  • Those that prefer the convenience of meeting with a counselor through a secure video connection from work or home


What to Expect


Prior to the start time of your online therapy counseling session, simply to go to our website and click ONLINE CHECK-IN. Locate your therapist and select their name. Next, type your first and last name into the pop-up box that will appear for you to check in. There you can do a test call to test your internet connection and device functions, such as audio and camera. At the start time of your session your therapist will begin the online therapy video call and you will be connected by audio and video to begin the therapy session.


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