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Depression & Adolescents

What is depression?

Depression is feeling sad, hopeless, and/or inadequate.  This may be accompanied by disruptions in behavior.  Depression is widespread but can be unique to the individual.  Genetics are involved but also environmental factors can increase the risk or provoke the onset of depression.  

What are common causes of depression in adolescents?

The Warning Signs…

Disrupted sleep patterns                            Cranky or “out of sorts”
Solitude or Rebellion                                   Negative Personal Feelings or Speech
Sad Thoughts of Death or Suicide             Signs of Self Abuse              
Suddenly Leading a New Lifestyle             Aches and Pains                               
Loss of Appetite                                           Overwhelming feelings of Guilt

Checklist for Adolescent Depression

During the past week:

What to do…



Researched and written by LaKeisha Jones

Teenage Suicide Fact Sheet