Excellence in Client Care

Since excellence in client care is our standard and basic expectation at Genesis, I thought I would take a moment to expand on lessons learned from reading Gospel Eldership, by Robert H. Thune.  Here are a few practical necessities of pastoral care that can reach across contexts to Christian counseling from Thune’s book:

Being present

Have you ever seen someone run into something while on their cell phones?  At the YMCA, I recently watched a young lady plaster her shoulder against a street sign while being distracted on her cell phone and it looked painful.  Our clients will feel that pain of distraction if we are not active and present in our sessions.  We are a culture of hurried, overly busy, and distracted people, so let’s guard against distractions while in session.


Listening is more than just hearing. Empathetic listening: where there is quality of spirit and dignity and a sense of importance in what the clients are really saying.


We can become so obsessed with productivity that we fail to take time to pray – be encouraged to pray in the morning, to pray before sessions, to pray during sessions (to yourself or with your client if using a direct spiritual intervention during session is best).  Prayer is an act of dependence, worship, and submission to God.  We need His supernatural help every day!


Rest is a command from God.  If we fail to rest, we sin.  Go away, into the glorious throne room of grace before God and let Him pour into your soul.  Take vacation and feel no remorse!  Put work out of your mind before going into your house at night to give your family your best.  God will grant the grace to do so.  Rest in the Gospel and the indelible words of Christ, “It is finished!”  Jesus paid it all on Calvary and you can add no works unto salvation.


Article by: Cameron Ashworth, MA

Post by: Sarah Warner, MS

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