Excellence in Client Care

Since excellence in client care is our standard and basic expectation at Genesis, I thought I would take a moment to expand on lessons learned from reading Gospel Eldership, by Robert H. Thune. Here are a few practical necessities of pastoral care that can reach across contexts to Christian counseling from Thune’s book:

Being present […]

Why Psychological Testing?

Psychological testing can be an intimidating concept, but in reality, it is a powerful and highly useful tool designed to help the client. Therapists often refer their clients to psychologists for psychological testing and assessment. These assessments can help the client identify which problems to tackle in therapy (especially when a client has more […]

Attachment Issues

Attachment Issues

Attachment issues develop when children are over/under attached to others. Often, attachment disorders can present by a child lacking the proper attachment to their parents/caregivers. Conversely, attachment disorders can present when a child lacks boundaries with strangers. Although attachment issues typically develop before the age of 5, symptoms of them can carry into […]