Special Needs Youth

Dr. Trina Young Greer recently did a presentation at New Branch Community Church on ministering to special needs youth, focusing on Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Behavioral and emotional concerns are important when it comes to special needs youth with diagnoses like Oppositional Defiance Disorder, ADHD, Reactive Attachment, Social Anxiety, and Autism.

When trying to understand […]

Conflict in Marriage

Conflict in marriage is inevitable; husbands and wives are just too different. Too often, conflict between husband and wife is hurtful and breaks down the relationship rather than build it up. Friends, this should not be! Healthy conflict resolution is possible, but successfully working through conflict involves 4 levels:

Biblical Ideals: Dying to self, […]

2016 Fundango Children’s Festival

The “Stop Abuse Powered by Spectrum Puppets” team visited Genesis in Hampton recently. Genesis will have a booth at their Fundango Children’s Festival in Virginia Beach on October 22nd. Genesis is committed to partnering with Stop Abuse in their efforts to protect children and families and promote awareness.

The Kid’s Fundango Festival plans an exciting […]

Core Values: Teamwork

Successful teams have many common qualities. Trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability and attention to results are some of these qualities, which we at Genesis believe are a strong foundation that makes us an excellent team.

Successful teams are trusting: Members of great teams trust each other on a fundamental and […]